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Topic 2: Program History

A. Viewing Social Security's history - Chronologically =>

  • Important stages in the program's evolution and the economic forces and politics that shaped them

B. Viewing Social Security's history - Thematically =>

  • Relationship to need-tested benefits
  • Response to economic change
  • Benefits for family members and issues of gender equality
  • Relationship of benefits to continuing employment and ability to work
  • Program administration and adjudication of disputed claims

C. Approaching the readings =>

D. Questions? Issues? =>

  • What questions about this material would you like to discussed now?
  • What issues suggested by this materia are you eager to have covered under the appropriate topic later in the course?

E. Discussion =>

  • Course discussion of this topic will begin on Wednesday, January 23. You should have made your submission on this topic and be ready to join in at that point.
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