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Topic 5: Derivative Benefits for Children --
Benefits for children in varying types of relationship with the "wage earner": including children born within and outside of marriage, adopted children, stepchildren, grandchildren

A. Background - At the point of application =>

  • Situating this topic in the overall scheme
    • How child benefits link to the covered individual
    • How child and other secondary benefits interact
    • Representative payment
  • The pertinent provisions of the act and regulations

B. Background - During pre-benefit and post-application years =>

  • What pre-application events bear directly on entitlement
    • Marriage (including remarriage)
    • Adoption
  • What steps can jeopardize actual or potential receipt of child benefits
  • Special categories including adult disabled children and grandchildren

C. Approaching the readings =>

D. Some illustrative and problem situations =>

E. Framework for discussion =>

F. Discussion =>

  • Course discussion of this topic will begin on Wednesday, February 13. You should have made your submission on this topic and be ready to join in at that point.
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