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Topic 7: Disability Benefits -- The standard

A. Background - Ways in which disability is different =>

  • The difficulty of the standard
  • Insured status test
  • Reversiblity of the condition
  • Work incentive issues
  • Blindness as a special case

B. Background - Not one test but several =>

  • The sequential evaluation process
  • Disability freeze
  • SSI

C. Background - Once benefits have begun =>

  • Termination because disability has ended
  • Trial work and reentitlement
  • Conversion to OAI at full retirement age

D. Approaching the readings =>

E. Some illustrative and problem situations =>

F. Framework for discussion =>

G. Discussion =>

  • Course discussion of this topic will begin on Feb 27. You should have made your submission on this topic and be ready to join in at that point.
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