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Topic 10: Judicial Review -- How one secures judicial review of an individual determination, on the one hand, and of a regulation or administrative practice affecting many, on the other

A. Background - Actions for review of an individual case =>

  • Actions reviewable under the Act
  • Actions not reviewable under the Act
  • Other bases for judicial review

B. Background - Actions seeking review of SSA policy and practice =>

  • Challenging program-wide features in an individual case
  • Class actions
  • Challenging practices
  • Mandamus?

C. Background - The limited fruits of victory =>

  • Available relief
  • The "law" established by a district court or Court of Appeals decision

D. Approaching the readings =>

E. Some illustrative and problem situations =>

F. Framework for discussion =>

G. Discussion =>

  • Course discussion of this topic will begin on March 19. You should have made your submission on this topic and be ready to join in at that point.
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