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Topic 12: The Relationship Between Social Security and Other Earnings Replacements

A. Background - SSI and Social Security =>

  • Of layers, linkages, and alternatives
  • SSI's need test and OASDI's benefit levels
  • SSI's treatment of families and households
  • How the two programs interact

B. Background - Workers Compensation and DI, Private pensions and OASI =>

  • The workers compensation offset
  • Other offsets of the same type
  • Integrated pensions
  • When SSI benefits reduce OASDI

C. Background - Medicare and Medicaid =>

  • Linkages to OASDI and SSI
  • A comparative look at Medicare
  • A comparative look at Medicaid

D. Approaching the readings =>

E. Some illustrative and problem situations =>

F. Framework for discussion =>

G. Discussion =>

  • Course discussion of this topic will begin on April 9. You should have made your submission on this topic and be ready to join in at that point.
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