Social Security Law 2008 -
Questions and issues for discussion in connection with Topic 13

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Proposal(s) you would favor

A February 2005 paper put out by the National Academy of Social Insurance provides an expanded and updated inventory of proposals that would address Social Security's solvency problem in whole or in part. Click here for the full paper and here for a table showing, in percentage terms, how much each would contribute to resolving Social Security's long-term deficit. The inventory does not include personal accounts, for as my discussion paper notes they don't address the funding challenge and may, if they divert taxes from OASDI, exacerbate it.

With the aim of eliminating the full 75-year deficit, which proposal or combination of proposals (limited to your top three even if your ideal reform package would have more components) would you favor (in order of preference)?

First component:

Second component:

Third component:

Would your ideal package include a personal account component?

If it would, please indicate briefly how it would relate to "traditional Social Security."

Peter W. Martin