Highlights of the Supreme Court's 2002-2003 Term
References for Smith v. Doe (March 5, 2003)

Prior Opinions

  • U.S. Court of Appeals - Ninth Circuit Filed August 8, 2001

  • Pleadings, Motions, & Arguments

  • Brief of Petitioners (PDF)
  • Brief of Respondents (PDF)
  • Reply of Petitioners (PDF)
  • Supreme Court Oral Argument (PDF)

  • Amicus Briefs

    In support of Smith:

  • States of California, Colorado, et al. (PDF)
  • The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (PDF)
  • United States of America (PDF)
  • In support of Doe:

  • American Civil Liberties Union (PDF)
  • Electronic Privacy Information Center (PDF)
  • Public Defender of New Jersey, et al. (PDF)

  • Articles & Commentary

  • The Story of Megan's Law, BBC (December, 2001)
  • Megan's Law Made Easy the Hard Way, Medill (March, 2002)
  • Fairness of Sex Offender Registration Laws Argued Before Supreme Court, CNN (November, 2002)
  • Megan's Law Challenged at Supreme Court, Washington Post (November, 2002)
  • Megan's Law Faces High-Court Test, Christian Science Monitor (November, 2002)
  • Limits of Megan's Law Debated at High Court, Law.com (November, 2002)
  • Court Allows States to Throw the Book, CBS (March, 2003)
  • Court upholds Conn. 'Megan's Law,' United Press International (March, 2003)
  • State Wants Old Sex Offender List Online, Juneau Empire (March, 2003)

  • Other References

  • Supreme Court Docket
  • Medill School of Journalism: On the Docket
  • Alaska Department of Public Safety: Sex Offender Central Registry
  • Parents for Megan's Law
  • The Megan Nicole Kanka Foundation
  • Megan's-Law.net: Alaska
  • Klaas Kids Foundation
  • Sex Criminals.com
  • Department of Justice- Bureau of Justice Statistics: Sex Offenses and Offenders
  • Connecticut Department of Public Safety v. Doe