Highlights of the Supreme Court's 2002-2003 Term
References for American Insurance Assn., et al. v. Garamendi (June 23, 2003)

Prior Opinions

  • United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (PDF) Filed September 9, 2002

  • Pleadings, Motions, & Arguments

  • Petition (PDF)
  • Respondent's Brief in Opposition (PDF)
  • Petitioner's Reply Brief (PDF)
  • Respondent's Supplemental Response to Amicus Curiae (PDF)
  • Petitioner's Merits Brief (PDF)
  • Respondents Gerling Companies Merits Brief Supporting Petitioners (PDF)
  • Petitioner's Merits Reply Brief (PDF)
  • Respondents Gerling Companies Merits Reply Brief Supporting Petitioners (PDF)
  • Joint Appendix on the Merits (PDF)
  • Supreme Court Oral Argument (PDF)

  • Amicus Briefs

    In support of Petitioner

  • Chamber of Commerce of the United States, et al. (Petition) (PDF)
  • Chamber of Commerce of the United States, et al. (Merits) (PDF)
  • Federal Republic of Germany (Merits) (PDF)
  • Government of Switzerland (Merits) (PDF)
  • United States (Petition) (PDF)
  • United States (Merits) (PDF)
  • In support of Respondent

  • National Association of Insurance Commissioners (Merits) (PDF)
  • Representative Henry A. Waxman and 51 Other Members of Congress (Merits) (PDF)
  • States of California, Alabama, et al. (Merits) (PDF)

  • Articles & Commentary

  • Court rejects law aiding survivors of Holocaust, Washington Post (June 2003)
  • Court strikes down law for Holocaust survivors, Washington Post (June 2003)
  • High Court strikes down Holocaust insurance law, Reuters (June 2003)
  • Court rejects law on Holocaust insurance, Associated Press (June 2003)
  • Justices show their doubts on state law on Holocaust, New York Times (April 2003)

  • Other References

  • Supreme Court Docket
  • Medill School of Journalism
  • California's Holocaust Victim Insurance Relief Act of 1999