TOPN: Federal Employees Uniform Allowance Act

Federal Employees Uniform Allowance Act

68 Stat. 1114, ch. 1208
title IV
this act refers to only a portion of the Statute; the tables below are for the entire Statute
Pub. L. SectionStatusUnited States Code
101Rev. T.51105, 1105 nt
211Rep.5901 nt
301Rep.52121 nt
302–304Rev. T.52121-2123
305Rev. T.52121 nt
306, 307Rev. T.52121 nts
401Rev. T.52131 nt
402–404Rev. T.52131-2133
405Rev. T.52134
501Rev. T.561g
502, 503Rep.
601(a)Rev. T.52001
602Elim.53101 nt
209, 210Rev. T.5
943, 944
208Rev. T.5926, 926 nt
206, 207Rev. T.5
921, 922
102Rev. T.51123, 1123 nt
103Rev. T.51124, 1124 nt
104Rev. T.51133
105Rev. T.51082
106Rev. T.51112 nt
107–109Rev. T.51111-1113
110Rev. T.5
1082, 1111 nt
111, 112Rev. T.5
1114, 1123, 1132
113Rev. T.51072a
114Rev. T.5114 nt
115Rev. T.51081 nt
201Rev. T.5901 nt
202–204Rev. T.5
901, 911, 912
205Rev. T.5
912a, 912b, 913
604Rev. T.39578