TOPN: Native American Heritage Day Act of 2008

Native American Heritage Day Act of 2008

Pub. L. 105-391
title III
this act refers to only a portion of the Public Law; the tables below are for the entire Public Law
Pub. L. SectionStatusUnited States Code
415(b)(1), (2)Rev. T. 5416
1a-7, 3
1(a)54100101 nt
36 CFR
2Rev. T. 54165901
101-104Rev. T. 54165911-5914
201-207Rev. T. 54165931-5937
30154100101 nt
36 CFR
302Elim.161a-5 nt
36 CFR
43 CFR
303Rev. T. 54161a-5
36 CFR
43 CFR
40154100101 nt
36 CFR
402-418Rev. T. 54165951-5966
415(a)54101912 nt
415(a)Rep.1620a nt
802(b)54306121 nt
36 CFR
415(c)54101911 nt
416-418Rev. T. 54165964-5966
41954101911 nt
501Rev. T. 54165981
701Rev. T. 541619o
802(a)Rev. T. 54161a-2
36 CFR
43 CFR
CFR TitlePart
306836Part 51