TOPN: Primary Health Care Act of 1978

Primary Health Care Act of 1978

62 Stat. 1260, ch. 830
Pub. L. SectionStatusUnited States Code
304Rev. T.5958
305Rev. T.5955 nt
303Rev. T.5
943, 943a, 957
302Rev. T.5956
214Rev. T.39463a nt
210-213Rev. T.39245a-245d
208, 209Rev. T.39
387, 388
205-207Rev. T.39
276c, 716a, 738a
104Rev. T.39
867, 878a nts
202-204Rev. T.39
290a, 291b, 292a
201Rev. T.39463a
101, 102Rev. T.39
878a, 878b
103Rev. T.39
867, 872