Pub. L. 85-426
title II
this act refers to only a portion of the Public Law; the tables below are for the entire Public Law
Pub. L. SectionStatusUnited States Code
407Rev. T.39971 nt
406Rev. T.391021 nt
404, 405Rev. T.39
1034, 1035 nts
403Rev. T.39981 nt
401, 402Rev. T.39
971-974, 995
301-305Rev. T.391071-1075
215(a), (b)Rev. T.39
56a nt, 280 nt
214(b)Rev. T.39270e
214(b)Rev. T.52254
214(a)(2)-(4)Rev. T.39
283, 288
214(a)(1)Rev. T.39793
213Rev. T.31695
211, 212Rev. T.39
56a, 981
210Rev. T.39280 nt
209Rev. T.39290a-1
207Rev. T.39331
208Rev. T.39249
206(c)(1), (2)Rev. T.39
240a, 240
206(a), (b)Rev. T.39292a
205Rev. T.39290a-1
102-106Rev. T.39270-270d
204(d)-(f)Rev. T.39
226, 283, 291b
204(a)-(c)Rev. T.39289a
202, 203Rev. T.39
280, 463a
201Rev. T.39280 nt
101Rev. T.39270 nt