TITLE 5 App. > ETHICS > TITLE V > § 503

§ 503. Administration

This title shall be subject to the rules and regulations of—
(1) and administered by—
(A) the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct of the House of Representatives, with respect to Members, officers, and employees of the House of Representatives; and
(B) in the case of Senators and legislative branch officers and employees other than those officers and employees specified in subparagraph (A), the committee to which reports filed by such officers and employees under title I are transmitted under such title, except that the authority of this section may be delegated by such committee with respect to such officers and employees;
(2) the Office of Government Ethics and administered by designated agency ethics officials with respect to officers and employees of the executive branch; and
(3) and administered by the Judicial Conference of the United States (or such other agency as it may designate) with respect to officers and employees of the judicial branch.