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Rule 11. Calendar

(a) The Clerk shall prepare a calendar, consisting of the cases that have become or will be available for hearing, which shall be arranged in the first instance in the chronological order in which petitions for grant of review have been granted or certified questions and mandatory appeals have been filed with the Court. The arrangement of cases on the calendar shall be subject to modification in light of the availability of pleadings, extensions of time to file briefs, and orders to advance or specially set cases for hearing.
(b) The Clerk shall periodically publish hearing lists in advance of each Court session for the convenience of counsel and the information of the public.
(c) The Clerk shall advise counsel when they are required to be present in Court. See Rule 40 (b)(1).
(d) Cases may be advanced or postponed by order of the Court, upon motion duly made showing good cause therefor, or on the Court’s own motion. See Rule 40 (b).
(e) Two or more cases involving the same question may, on the Court’s own order or by special permission, be heard together as one case or on such terms as may be prescribed.