Rule 38. Signatures

(a) General. Except for documents filed in propria persona and those provided for in subsection (b), all original pleadings or other papers filed in a case will bear the signature of at least one counsel who is a member of this Court’s Bar and who is participating in the case. The name, address, telephone number, Court Bar number, and rank, if any, of the person signing, together with the capacity in which such counsel signs the paper, will be included. This signature will constitute a certificate that the statements made in the pleading or paper are true and correct to the best of the counsel’s knowledge, information, or belief, and that the pleading or paper is filed in good faith and not for the purpose of unnecessary delay. A counsel who signs a pleading “for” some other counsel whose name is typed under such signature must, in addition, affix their own signature in a separate signature block with their own name, address, telephone number, Court Bar number, and rank, if any, typed thereunder.
(b) Exception. If the counsel signing a pleading or paper presented to the Clerk’s office for filing is not a member of the Bar of this Court, the pleading or paper shall nonetheless be received as if such counsel were a member. However, within 30 days of the filing of a pleading, such counsel shall, as a prerequisite to continuing in the case as counsel of record, apply for admission to the Bar of this Court or move to appear pro hac vice under Rule 13.