TITLE 10 App. > COURTS > Rule 23

Rule 23. Motions

(a) Content. All motions, unless made during the course of a hearing, shall state with particularity the relief sought and the grounds therefor. Motions, pleading, and other papers desired to be filed with the Court may be combined in the same document, with the heading indicating, for example “MOTION TO FILE (SUPPLEMENTAL ASSIGNMENT OF ERRORS) (CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION) (SUPPLEMENTAL PLEADING)”; or “ASSIGNMENT OF ERRORS AND MOTION TO FILE ATTACHED REPORT OF MEDICAL BOARD”.
(b) Motions to attach documents. If a party desires to attach a statement of a person to the record for consideration by the Court on any matter, such statement shall be made either as an affidavit or as an unsworn declaration under penalty of perjury pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1746. All documents containing language other than English shall have, attached, a certified English translation.
(c) Opposition. Any opposition to a motion shall be filed within 7 days after receipt by the opposing party of service of the motion.
(d) Leave to file. Any pleading not authorized or required by these rules shall be accompanied by a motion for leave to file such pleading.
(e) Oral argument. Oral argument shall not normally be permitted on motions.