Rule 174. Trial

(a) Place of Trial: At the time of filing the petition, the petitioner may, in accordance with Form 5 in Appendix I or by other separate writing, designate the place where the petitioner would prefer the trial to be held. If the petitioner has not filed such a designation, then the Commissioner shall, within 30 days after the date of service of the petition, file a designation showing the place of trial preferred by the Commissioner. The Court will make every effort to conduct the trial at the location most convenient to that designated where suitable facilities are available.
(b) Conduct of Trial and Evidence: Trials of small tax cases will be conducted as informally as possible consistent with orderly procedure, and any evidence deemed by the Court to have probative value shall be admissible.
(c) Briefs: Neither briefs nor oral arguments will be required in small tax cases unless the Court otherwise directs.