TITLE 38 App. > RULES > Rule 24

Rule 24. Waiver of Filing Fee

Payment of the filing fee required by Rule 3 (e) or Rule 21 (a) will be waived, due to financial hardship, in any case where the appellant (or petitioner) submits a declaration of financial hardship and that declaration is accepted for filing. That declaration will be subject to the penalty for perjury pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1746, and must either be on Form 4 in the Appendix of Forms or contain the detail called for in that form. If the declaration is found to lack a signature or to be otherwise noncompliant, it will be returned; not later than the time fixed by the notice of returned papers, either the fee must be paid or a new declaration that addresses the deficiencies in the noncompliant declaration must be submitted.