TITLE 38 App. > RULES > Rule 29

Rule 29. Brief of an Amicus Curiae

(a) Time. A brief of an amicus curiae must be filed within the time allowed the party whose position the amicus curiae supports unless the Court permits later filing, in which event the Court will specify the time limit for an opposing party’s response. An amicus curiae will be permitted to participate in oral argument only at the invitation of the Court.
(b) Form and Content. An amicus brief must comply with Rules 25 (b)(2); 28(a)(1), (5) and (6); 28(f) and (g); 30; and 32; and state, at the outset of the brief, which party the amicus curiae supports and the interest of the amicus curiae. The brief should avoid repeating the parties’ briefs and should focus on the points not made or not emphasized in them.