TITLE 38 App. > RULES > Rule 32

Rule 32. Form of Briefs, Appendices, and Other Papers

(a) Format. Briefs, appendices, and other papers must be printed or typewritten, and may be produced by any copying process that produces a clear black image on white opaque paper; onion skin paper is not permitted except for papers sent by international mail. Pages must be letter size (81/2 by 11 inches), with margins at least one inch wide from all edges, and with type or print on only one side of the page. See also Rule 6 (Protection of Privacy).
(b) Type; Spacing. If a proportionally spaced typeface is used, it must be 13-point or larger. If a monospaced typeface is used, it must not contain more than 101/2 characters per inch. Text must be double spaced (except that motions and responses under Rule 27 (c) may be single spaced), but quotations more than two lines long and footnotes may be single spaced. The parties may not use photo reproduction that reduces print size smaller than the size required by this subsection. This subsection does not apply to pages of an appendix that are legible, unreduced photocopies of documents.
(c) Covers. Covers are not required on briefs or appendices but, if used, they should be blue for the appellant, red for the Secretary, green for an amicus curiae or an intervenor, gray for any reply brief, and white for an appendix if separate from the brief. See Form 2 (Sample Brief Cover).
(d) Binding. All papers, other than the record on appeal, must be attached only at the upper left-hand corner. The record on appeal must be bound at the top.
(e) Caption. A paper addressed to the Court must contain a caption setting forth the name of the Court, the Court’s case number when assigned, the title of the case, and a brief heading indicating the purpose of the paper.
(f) Page Numbers. Pages must be numbered in the center of the bottom margin, using Arabic numerals for the pages subject to the page limitation and lower case Roman numerals for the table of contents, tables of citations, certificate of service, and any appendix containing statutes, rules, regulations, and unpublished authorities.
(g) Length and Copies.
(1) Normal Course. Except by permission of the Court or as limited by Rule 47, principal briefs may not exceed 30 pages and reply briefs may not exceed 15 pages, not counting the table of contents; the table of citations; any appendix containing superseded statutes, rules, and regulations, and unpublished authorities; and the certificate of service. An original and three copies of all papers must be filed with the Clerk, but the Court may require that additional copies be furnished. But see Rule 25 (fax filings).
(2) Contingency Planning. See Rule 37 for responsibilities of parties regarding maintaining copies of papers submitted to the Court for use in the event that the Court cannot access its regular files.
(h) Identification. The signature, printed name, address, and telephone number of the representative of record (see Rule 46(d)(1)) or of a self-represented party must appear on a brief or other document submitted for filing to the Clerk.
(i) Noncompliance. See Rule 45 (k).