(As amended May 16, 2003, eff. July 1, 2003; Aug. 27, 2004, eff. Sept. 13, 2004.)

Fee Schedule

It is ORDERED, pursuant to Rule 45 (f), that the following revised schedule of fees approved by the Court is announced. The fees marked * apply to services on behalf of the United States, if the information requested is available through electronic access. Changes are marked by # :

For filing Notice of Appeal or Petition for Extraordinary Relief in this Court, but not when the Court orders case redocketing for its administrative convenience $50.00
For filing Notice of Appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (fee set by that court, payable to this Court) 255.00#
For reproducing a paper copy from original documents or from microfiche or microfilm reproductions of original records, per copy page .50*
For each microfiche sheet of film or microfilm jacket copy of any Court record, when available 3.00
For reproducing audio or video tape recording, including cost of materials 15.00
For searching Court records, per name or item searched 15.00*
For retrieval of a Court record from a Federal Records Center or National Archives 25.00
For certifying a document or paper, whether certification is made directly on the document or by separate instrument 5.00
For application for admission to practice before the Court 30.00
For a certificate of admission to practice, suitable for framing: (fee set by, and payable to, printer)
attorney 28.00#
nonattorney 23.00#
For a Certificate of Good Standing 5.00

DATED: November 12, 2003
FOR THE COURT:   NORMAN Y. HERRING  Clerk of the Court