§ 738a. Patrol services

(a) Maintenance of ice patrol; aid to ships in distress; destruction of derelicts
Unless the agreements made in accordance with section 738 of this Appendix provide otherwise, an ice patrol shall be maintained during the whole of the ice season in guarding the southeastern, southern, and southwestern limits of the region of icebergs in the vicinity of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, and the patrol shall inform trans-Atlantic and other passing vessels by radio and such other means as are available of the ice conditions and the extent of the dangerous region. A service of study of ice and current conditions, a service of affording assistance to vessels and crews requiring aid, and a service of removing and destroying derelicts shall be maintained during the ice season and any or all such services may be maintained during the remainder of the year as may be advisable.
(b) Warning to vessels
The ice patrol vessels shall warn vessels known to be approaching a dangerous area and recommend safe routes.
(c) Report on ships in dangerous regions
The ice patrol vessels shall record the name, together with all the facts in the case, of any ship which is observed or known to be on other than a regular recognized or advertised ship route crossing the North Atlantic Ocean, or to have crossed the fishing banks of Newfoundland north of latitude forty-three degrees north during the fishing season, or, when proceeding to and from ports of North America to have passed through regions known or believed to be endangered by ice. The name of any such ship and all pertinent information relating to the incident shall be reported to the government of the country to which the ship belongs, if the government of that country so requests.
(d) Administration by Coast Guard
The Commandant of the Coast Guard, under the direction of the Secretary of Transportation, shall administer the services provided for in this section and shall assign thereto such vessels, material, and personnel of the Coast Guard as may be necessary. Any executive department or agency may upon the request of the Secretary of Transportation detail personnel, loan or contribute material or equipment, or otherwise assist in the carrying out of the services named.
(e) Annual report
The Commandant of the Coast Guard shall publish each year a report of the activities of the services provided for in this section, a copy of which shall be furnished to each interested foreign government and to each agency assisting in the work.