§ 869. Creation of fund for insurance of interests of United States

The Secretary of Transportation may create out of insurance premiums, and revenue from operations and sales, and maintain and administer separate insurance funds which he may use to insure in whole or in part against all hazards commonly covered by insurance policies in such cases, any legal or equitable interest of the United States
(1) in any vessel constructed or in process of construction; and
(2) in any plants or property in the possession or under the authority of the Secretary of Transportation. The United States shall be held to have such an interest in any vessel toward the construction, reconditioning, remodeling, improving, or equipping of which a loan has been made under the authority of this Act, in any vessel upon which he holds a mortgage or lien of any character, or in any vessel which is obligated by contract with the owner to perform any service in behalf of the United States, to the extent of the Government’s interest therein.