§ 875. Possession and control of terminal equipment and facilities

The possession and control of such other [1] docks, piers, warehouses, wharves and terminal equipment and facilities or parts thereof, including all leasehold easements, rights of way, riparian rights and other rights, estates or interests therein or appurtenant thereto which were acquired by the War Department [2] or the Navy Department for military or naval purposes during the war emergency may be transferred by the president to the Secretary of Transportation whenever the President deems such transfer to be for the best interests of the United States.
The President may at any time he deems it necessary, by order setting out the need therefor and fixing the period of such need, permit or transfer the possession and control of any part of the property taken over by or transferred to the Secretary of Transportation under this section to the Department of the Army, Department of the Air Force, or Department of the Navy for their needs, and when in the opinion of the President such need therefor ceases the possession and control of such property shall revert to the Secretary of Transportation. None of such property shall be sold except as may be provided by law.

[1] See References in Text note below.

[2] See Change of Name note below.