(June 5, 1920, ch. 250, § 37, 41 Stat. 1008; Pub. L. 86–327, § 2, Sept. 21, 1959, 73 Stat. 597.)

References in Text

This Act, referred to in text, means act June 5, 1920, ch. 250, 41 Stat. 988, as amended, known as the Merchant Marine Act, 1920, which (except for sections repealed or reenacted in Title 46, Shipping) is classified principally to this chapter. For complete classification of this Act to the Code, see section 889 of this Appendix and Tables.


The words “the term ‘commission’ means the United States Maritime Commission;” were omitted preceding the definition of “alien” in view of Reorg. Plan No. 21 of 1950, §§ 204, 306, eff. May 24, 1950, 15 F.R. 3178, 64 Stat. 1276, 1277, set out under section 1111 of this Appendix, which abolished United States Maritime Commission and transferred its functions to Federal Maritime Board and to Secretary of Commerce.


1959—Pub. L. 86–327 substituted “sections 1 and 2 of the ‘Shipping Act, 1916,’ as amended” for “sections 1 and 2 of the ‘Shipping Act, 1916,’ as amended by this Act”, which sections are referred to in the text as “sections 801, 802, and 803 of this Appendix” for purposes of codification.

Transfer of Functions

“Commission”, meaning United States Maritime Commission, and “United States Maritime Commission” substituted in text for “board” and “Shipping Board”, meaning United States Shipping Board, respectively. For dissolution of Board and transfer of functions to United States Maritime Commission, see Ex. Ord. No. 6166 and act June 29, 1936. Ex. Ord. No. 6166 is set out as a note under section 901 of Title 5, Government Organization and Employees. Executive and administrative functions of United States Maritime Commission transferred to Chairman thereof by Reorg. Plan No. 6 of 1949, eff. Aug. 20, 1949, 14 F.R. 5228, 63 Stat. 1069 set out under section 1111 of this Appendix.