§ 1122. Maritime problems; cooperation with others; cargo carriage; recommendations

The Secretary of Transportation is authorized and directed—
(a) Study of maritime problems
To study all maritime problems arising in the carrying out of the policy set forth in subchapter I of this chapter;
(b) Inducing preferences for American vessels; construction of super-liners
To study, and to cooperate with vessel owners in devising means by which—
(1) the importers and exporters of the United States can be induced to give preference to vessels under United States registry; and
(2) there may be constructed by or with the aid of the United States express-liner or super-liner vessels comparable with those of other nations, especially with a view to their use in national emergency, and the use in connection with or in lieu of such vessels of transoceanic aircraft service;
(c) Collaboration with owners and builders
To collaborate with vessel owners and shipbuilders in developing plans for the economical construction of vessels and their propelling machinery, of most modern economical types, giving thorough consideration to all well-recognized means of propulsion and taking into account the benefits accruing from standardized production where practicable and desirable; and
(d) Liaison with other agencies and trade organizations
To establish and maintain liaison with such other boards, commissions, independent establishments, and departments of the United States Government, and with such representative trade organizations throughout the United States as may be concerned, directly or indirectly, with any movement of commodities in the water-borne export and import foreign commerce of the United States, for the purpose of securing preference to vessels of United States registry in the shipment of such commodities.
(e) Repealed. Pub. L. 98–237, § 20(a), Mar. 20, 1984, 98 Stat. 88
(f) Development and implementation of new methods of cargo carriage; preferences for cargo containers
To study means and methods of encouraging the development and implementation of new concepts for the carriage of cargo in the domestic and foreign commerce of the United States, and to study the economic and technological aspects of the use of cargo containers as a method of carrying out the declaration of policy set forth in subchapter I of this chapter, and in carrying out the provisions of this subsection and such policy the United States shall not give preference as between carriers upon the basis of length, height, or width of cargo containers or length, height, or width of cargo container cells and this requirement shall be applicable to all existing container vessels and any container vessel to be constructed or rebuilt; and
(g) Recommendations for further legislation
To make recommendations to Congress, from time to time, for such further legislation as he deems necessary better to effectuate the purpose and policy of this chapter.