§ 1122b. Mobile trade fairs

(a) Use of United States flag vessels and aircraft insofar as practicable
The Secretary of Commerce shall encourage and promote the development and use of mobile trade fairs which are designed to show and sell the products of United States business and agriculture at foreign ports and at other commercial centers throughout the world where the operator or operators of the mobile trade fairs use insofar as practicable United States flag vessels and aircraft in the transportation of their exhibits.
(b) Technical and financial assistance; exceptions
The Secretary of Commerce is authorized to provide to the operator or operators of such mobile trade fairs technical assistance and support as well as financial assistance for the purpose of defraying certain expenses incurred abroad (other than the cost of transportation on foreign-flag vessels and aircraft), when the Secretary determines that such operations provide an economical and effective means of promoting export sales.
(c) Use of foreign currencies
In addition to any amounts appropriated to carry out trade promotion activities, the President may use foreign currencies owned by or owed to the United States to carry out this section.