§ 1131. Manning and wage scales; subsidy contracts

(a) Investigation of wages and working conditions; establishment of wage and manning scales; incorporation in subsidy contracts
The Secretary of Transportation is authorized and directed to investigate the employment and wage conditions in ocean-going shipping and, after making such investigation and after appropriate hearings, to incorporate in the contracts authorized under subchapters VI and VII of this chapter minimum manning scales and minimum wage scales, and minimum working conditions for all officers and crews employed on all types of vessels receiving an operating-differential subsidy. After such minimum manning and wage scales, and working conditions shall have been adopted by the Secretary of Transportation, no change shall be made therein by the Secretary of Transportation except upon public notice of the hearing to be had, and a hearing by the Secretary of Transportation of all interested parties, under such rules as the Secretary of Transportation shall prescribe. The duly elected representatives of the organizations certified as the proper collective bargaining agencies shall have the right to represent the employees who are members of their organizations at any such hearings. Every contractor receiving an operating-differential subsidy shall post and keep posted in a conspicuous place on each such vessel operated by such contractor a printed copy of the minimum manning and wage scales, and working conditions prescribed by his contract and applicable to such vessel: Provided, however, That any increase in the operating expenses of the subsidized vessel occasioned by any change in the wage or manning scales or working conditions as provided in this section shall be added to the operating-differential subsidy previously authorized for the vessel.
(b) Subsidy contracts; provisions relative to officers and crew
Every contract executed under authority of subchapters VI and VII of this chapter shall require—
(1) Insofar as is practicable, officers’ living quarters shall be kept separate and apart from those furnished for members of the crew;
(2) Licensed officers and unlicensed members of the crew shall be entitled to make complaints or recommendations to the Secretary of Transportation providing they file such complaint or recommendation directly with the Secretary of Transportation, or with their immediate superior officer who shall be required to forward such complaint or recommendation with his remarks to the Secretary of Transportation, or with the authorized representatives of the respective collective bargaining agencies;
(3) Licensed officers who are members of the United States Navy Reserve shall wear on their uniforms such special distinguishing insignia as may be approved by the Secretary of the Navy; officers being those men serving under licenses issued by the Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation or the Coast Guard;
(4) The uniform stripes, decoration, or other insignia shall be of gold braid or woven gold or silver material, to be worn by officers, and no member of the ship’s crew other than licensed officers shall be allowed to wear any uniform with such officer’s identifying insignia;
(5) No discrimination shall be practiced against licensed officers, who are otherwise qualified, because of their failure to qualify as members of the United States Navy Reserve.
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