§ 1193. Competitive bidding

(a) Construction, reconstruction, or reconditioning of vessels
No contract for the building of a new vessel, or for the reconditioning or reconstruction of any other vessel, shall be made by the Secretary of Transportation with any private shipbuilder, except after due advertisement and upon sealed competitive bids.
(b) Requirements
All contracts for the construction, reconditioning, or reconstruction of a vessel or vessels by a private shipbuilder under authority of this subchapter shall be subject to all the provisions and requirements prescribed in subchapter V of this chapter with respect to contracts with a private shipbuilder for the construction of vessels under authority of said subchapter.
(c) Opening of bids
All bids required by the Secretary of Transportation for the construction, reconstruction, or reconditioning of vessels, and for the chartering of the Secretary’s vessels hereinafter provided for, shall be opened at the time, hour, and place stated in the advertisement for bids, and all interested persons, including representatives of the press, shall be permitted to attend, and the results of such bidding shall be publicly announced.