§ 1212. Purchase or requisition of vessels by United States; amount of payment

Every contract executed by the Secretary of Transportation under authority of subchapter V of this chapter shall provide that—
In the event the United States shall, through purchase or requisition, acquire ownership of the vessel or vessels on which a construction-differential subsidy was paid, the owner shall be paid therefor the value thereof, but in no event shall such payment exceed the actual depreciated construction cost thereof (together with the actual depreciated cost of capital improvements thereon, but excluding the cost of national-defense features) less the depreciated amount of construction-differential subsidy theretofore paid incident to the construction or reconditioning of such vessel or vessels, or the fair and reasonable scrap value of such vessel as determined by the Secretary of Transportation, whichever is the greater. Such determination shall be final. In computing the depreciated value of such vessel, depreciation shall be computed on each vessel on the schedule adopted by the Internal Revenue Service for income-tax purposes.
The foregoing provision respecting the requisition or the acquisition of ownership by the United States shall run with the title to such vessel or vessels and be binding on all owners thereof.