§ 1241d. Findings and declarations with respect to export transportation of agricultural commodities

(a) The Congress finds and declares—
(1) that a productive and healthy agricultural industry and a strong and active United States maritime industry are vitally important to the economic well-being and national security objectives of our Nation;
(2) that both industries must compete in international markets increasingly dominated by foreign trade barriers and the subsidization practices of foreign governments; and
(3) that increased agricultural exports and the utilization of United States merchant vessels contribute positively to the United States balance of trade and generate employment opportunities in the United States.
(b) It is therefore declared to be the purpose and policy of the Congress in sections 1241d to 1241p of this Appendix—
(1) to enable the Department of Agriculture to plan its export programs effectively, by clarifying the ocean transportation requirements applicable to such programs;
(2) to take immediate and positive steps to promote the growth of the cargo carrying capacity of the United States merchant marine;
(3) to expand international trade in United States agricultural commodities and products and to develop, maintain, and expand markets for United States agricultural exports;
(4) to improve the efficiency of administration of both the commodity purchasing and selling and the ocean transportation activities associated with export programs sponsored by the Department of Agriculture;
(5) to stimulate and promote both the agricultural and maritime industries of the United States and encourage cooperative efforts by both industries to address their common problems; and
(6) to provide in this chapter for the appropriate disposition of these findings and purposes.