§ 1283. Persons, property, and interests insurable

The Secretary may provide the insurance and reinsurance authorized by section 1282 of this Appendix with respect to the following persons, property, or interest:
(a) American vessels, including vessels under construction, foreign-flag vessels owned by citizens of the United States or engaged in transportation in the water-borne commerce of the United States or in such other transportation by water or such other services as may be deemed by the Secretary to be in the interest of the national defense or the national economy of the United States, when so engaged. In determining whether to grant such insurance or reinsurance to foreign-flag vessels, the Secretary shall further consider the characteristics, the employment, and the general management of the vessel by the owner or charterer. American- and foreign-flag vessels so insured or reinsured shall be subject to such vessel location reporting requirements as the Secretary may establish by regulation.
(b) Cargoes shipped or to be shipped on any such vessels, including shipments by express or registered mail; cargoes owned by citizens or residents of the United States, its Territories or possessions; cargoes imported to, or exported from, the United States, its Territories or possessions, and cargoes sold or purchased by citizens or residents of the United States, its Territories or possessions, under contracts of sale or purchase by the terms of which the risk of loss by war risks or the obligation to provide insurance against such risks is assumed by or falls upon a citizen or resident of the United States, its Territories or possessions; cargoes shipped between ports in the United States, or between ports in the United States and its Territories and possessions, or between ports in such Territories or possessions. For the purposes of this subchapter, the term “cargo” shall include loaded or empty containers located aboard such vessels.
(c) The disbursements, including advances to masters and general average disbursements, and freight and passage moneys of such vessels.
(d) The personal effects of the masters, officers, and crews of such vessels, and of other persons transported on such vessels.
(e) Masters, officers, members of the crews of such vessels and other persons employed or transported thereon against loss of life, injury, detention by an enemy of the United States following capture.
(f) Statutory or contractual obligations or other liabilities of such vessels or of the owner or charterer of such vessels of the nature customarily covered by insurance.