§ 1285. Insurance of property of Government departments and agencies

(a) Any department or agency of the United States may, with the approval of the President, procure from the Secretary any of the insurance as provided for in this subchapter, except as provided in sections 17302 and 17303 (a) and (b) of title 40.
(b) The Secretary is authorized with such approval to provide such insurance at the request of the Secretary of Defense, and such other agencies as the President may prescribe, without premium in consideration of the agreement of the Secretary of Defense or such agency to indemnify the Secretary against all losses covered by such insurance, and the Secretary of Defense and such other agencies are authorized to execute such indemnity agreement with the Secretary. The signature of the President (or of an official designated by the President) on the agreement shall be treated as an expression of the approval required under section 1282 (a) of this Appendix to provide the insurance.