§ 1287. Reinsurance; rates; allowances to insurance carriers

(a) To the extent that he is authorized by this subchapter to provide marine, war risk, and liability insurance, the Secretary may reinsure, in whole or in part, any company authorized to do an insurance business in any State of the United States. The Secretary may reinsure with, or cede or retrocede to, any such company any insurance or reinsurance provided by the Secretary in accordance with the provisions of this subchapter.
(b) Reinsurance shall not be provided by the Secretary at rates less than nor obtained by the Secretary at rates more than the rates established by the Secretary on the same or similar risks or the rates charged by the insurance carrier for the insurance so reinsured whichever is most advantageous to the Secretary, except that the Secretary may make to the insurance carrier such allowances for expenses on account of the cost of services rendered or facilities furnished as he deems reasonably to accord with good business practice, but such allowance to the carrier shall not provide for any payment by the carrier on account of solicitation for or stimulation of insurance business.