§ 1292. Actions on claims for losses; jurisdiction of courts; limitation of actions

Upon disagreement as to a loss insured under this subchapter, suit may be maintained against the United States in admiralty in the district in which the claimant or his agent resides, and this remedy shall be exclusive of any other action by reason of the same subject matter against any agent or employee of the United States employed or retained under this subchapter. If the claimant has no residence in the United States, suit may be brought in the district court of the District of Columbia or in such other district court in which the Attorney General of the United States agrees to accept service. Such suits shall be heard and determined under the provisions of the Act of March 9, 1920, as amended (known as the Suits in Admiralty Act) [46 App. U.S.C. 741 et seq.]. All persons having or claiming or who might have an interest in such insurance, may be made parties either initially or upon the motion of either party. In any case where the Secretary acknowledges the indebtedness of the United States on account of such insurance, and there is a dispute as to the persons entitled to receive payment, the United States may bring an action in the nature of a bill of interpleader against such parties, in the District Court for the District of Columbia, or in the district court of the district in which any such person resides. In such actions any party, if not a resident of or found within the district, may be brought in by order of court served in such reasonable manner as the court directs. If the court is satisfied that persons unknown might assert a claim on account of such insurance, it may direct service upon such persons unknown by publication in the Federal Register. Judgment in any such suit shall discharge the United States from further liability to any parties to such action, and to all persons when service by publication upon persons unknown is directed by the court. The period within which suits may be commenced contained in said Suits in Admiralty Act shall, if claim be filed therefor within such period, be suspended from such time of filing until the claim shall have been administratively denied by the Secretary and for sixty days thereafter: Provided, however, That such claim shall be deemed to have been administratively denied if not acted upon within six months after the time of filing, unless the Secretary for good cause shown shall have otherwise agreed with the claimant.