§ 1505. Penalties

(a) Civil penalty
On and after the date the instrument of ratification is deposited by the United States in accordance with the provisions of article VII of the Convention, any owner, agent, or custodian who—
(1) has been notified of an order issued by the Secretary under section 1504 of this Appendix; and
(2) fails to take reasonable and prompt action to prevent or stop a container subject to that order from being moved in violation of that order;
shall be subject to a civil penalty of not more than $5,000 for each container so moved. Each day the container remains in service while the order is in effect shall be treated as a separate violation.
(b) Assessment, collection, remission, mitigation, and compromise of penalties
The Secretary shall assess and collect any penalty incurred under this section, and, in his discretion may remit, mitigate, or compromise any such penalty. No penalty shall be assessed until after the person charged has been given notice and an opportunity for a hearing. In assessing, remitting, mitigating, or compromising a penalty the Secretary shall consider the gravity of the violation, the hazards involved, and the record of the person charged with respect to violations of this chapter or of the Convention. Upon failure of any person to pay any penalty assessed against him by the Secretary, the Secretary shall request the Attorney General to begin an action in any district court of the United States to recover the amount of the penalty unpaid.