§ 1804. Travel advisories concerning security at foreign ports

(a) Travel advisory
Upon being notified by the Secretary of Transportation that the Secretary has determined that a condition exists that threatens the safety or security of passengers, passenger vessels, or crew traveling to or from a foreign port which the Secretary of Transportation has determined pursuant to section 1803 (d) of this Appendix to be a port which does not maintain and administer effective security measures, the Secretary of State shall immediately issue a travel advisory with respect to that port. The Secretary of State shall take the necessary steps to widely publicize that travel advisory.
(b) Lifting of travel advisory
The travel advisory required to be issued under subsection (a) of this section may be lifted only if the Secretary of Transportation, in consultation with the Secretary of State, has determined that effective security measures are maintained and administered at the port with respect to which the Secretary of Transportation had made the determination described in section 1803 (d) of this Appendix.
(c) Notification to Congress
The Secretary of State shall immediately notify the Congress of any change in the status of a travel advisory imposed pursuant to this section.