Sec. 251. Vessels employed in coasting trade or fisheries. (a) Landing of catch of fish by foreign-flag vessels. (b) Sale or transfer for immediate consumption. (c) Forfeitures and penalties. 251a. Remission or mitigation of fines, penalties or forfeitures. 251b. Regulations. 262. Trade of documented vessel not to defraud revenue laws. 277. Inspection of documents. 289. Transportation of passengers in foreign vessels. 289a. Transportation of passengers in Canadian vessels between Rochester and Alexandria Bay. 289b. Transportation of passengers and merchandise in Canadian vessels between points in Alaska and United States. 289c. Transportation of passengers between Puerto Rico and other United States ports; foreign-flag vessels; unavailability of United States flag service. (a) Authorization of transportation. (b) Notification by Secretary; termination of services. (c) Extension of termination period. (d) Reinstatement of coastwise privileges. (e) “Passenger vessel” defined. 290. Omitted. 291. Transshipment of imported merchandise intended for immediate exportation. 292. Vessels that may engage in dredging. (a) In general. (b) Exception. (c) Penalty. 316. Use of foreign vessels in United States ports. (a) Towing vessels. (b) “Person” defined. (c) Foreign railroad companies using ferries, tugboats, or towboats. (d) Salvaging operations by foreign vessels. (e) Operations permitted by treaty. 316a. Vessel escort operations and towing assistance. (a) In general. (b) Addition to towing vessel. (c) Relationship to other law. (d) Definition. (e) Penalty. 319. Civil penalties for trading without required certificate of documentation. 320. Remission or mitigation of fines. 321. Penalty for illegal enrollment or license. 322. Penalty for malfeasance. 323. Penalty for forgery and alteration. 324. Penalty for obstructing officers. 326. Exemption from forfeiture. 327. Notice of seizure. 328. Recovery of forfeitures and penalties. 336. Canal boats exempt from enrollment, license, and customs fees.