Sec. 861. Purpose and policy of United States. 864a. Purchase allowance in sale of vessels for cost of putting vessels in class. 864b. Elements considered in sale of vessels in determination of selling price. 865. Sale to aliens. 865a. Sale of inactive passenger vessels to foreigners; conditions; requisition in emergency; surety bond. 866. Establishment and operation of steamship lines between ports of United States. 867. Investigation of port, terminal, and warehouse facilities. 868. Vessels sold under deferred payment plan; insurance. 869. Creation of fund for insurance of interests of United States. 871. Repair and operation of vessels until sale. 872. Sale of property other than vessels. 875. Possession and control of terminal equipment and facilities. 876. Power of Secretary and Commission to make rules and regulations. (a) In general. (b) Approval and final action. (c) Submission of facts to President. (d) Prohibition against preference. (e) Motion or petition. (f) Filing of information. (g) Discovery; witnesses; evidence. (h) Disclosure to public. (i) Finding of unfavorable conditions. (j) Refusal of clearance and denial of entry. (k) Operation under suspended tariff or service contract. (l) Consultation with other agencies. 877. Coastwise laws extended to island Territories and possessions. 883. Transportation of merchandise between points in United States in other than domestic built or rebuilt and documented vessels; incineration of hazardous waste at sea. 883–1. Corporation as citizen; fisheries and transportation of merchandise or passengers between points in United States; parent and subsidiary corporations; domestic built vessels; certificate; surrender of documents on change in status. 883a. Reports required of United States vessels rebuilt abroad; penalty for failure to report; mitigation of penalty. 883b. Regulations. 884. Charges for transportation subject to interstate transportation provisions. 885. Association of marine insurance companies; application of antitrust laws. 887. Partial invalidity. 888. Definitions. 889. Short title.