Sec. 1300. Bills of lading subject to chapter. 1301. Definitions. 1302. Duties and rights of carrier. 1303. Responsibilities and liabilities of carrier and ship. (1) Seaworthiness. (2) Cargo. (3) Contents of bill. (4) Bill as prima facie evidence. (5) Guaranty of statements. (6) Notice of loss or damage; limitation of actions. (7) “Shipped” bill of lading. (8) Limitation of liability for negligence. 1304. Rights and immunities of carrier and ship. (1) Unseaworthiness. (2) Uncontrollable causes of loss. (3) Freedom from negligence. (4) Deviations. (5) Amount of liability; valuation of cargo. (6) Inflammable, explosive, or dangerous cargo. 1305. Surrender of rights; increase of liabilities; charter parties; general average. 1306. Special agreement as to particular goods. 1307. Agreement as to liability prior to loading or after discharge. 1308. Rights and liabilities under other provisions. 1309. Discrimination between competing shippers. 1310. Weight of bulk cargo. 1311. Liabilities before loading and after discharge; effect on other laws. 1312. Scope of chapter; “United States”; “foreign trade”. 1313. Suspension of provisions by President. 1314. Effective date; retroactive effect. 1315. Short title.