Sec. 1501. Definitions. 1502. Duties of owners of containers. (a) Initial approval of containers; periodic examination. (b) Repealed. 1503. Duties of Secretary of Transportation. (a) Enforcement. (b) Regulations. (c) Affixation of approval plate; delegation of authority; fees. (d) Method of delegating authority. (e) Intermodal transport. 1504. Areas of enforcement. (a) Examination of containers; detention orders; restriction or removal of containers from service. (b) Costs of examinations. (c) Presumption of safe condition. (d) Notification of detention or other order; duration of order. (e) Notification to foreign country of defect at time of approval. 1505. Penalties. (a) Civil penalty. (b) Assessment, collection, remission, mitigation, and compromise of penalties. 1506. Employee protection. (a) Discrimination against a reporting employee prohibited. (b) Complaint alleging discrimination. (c) Investigation by Secretary of Labor; judicial relief. (d) Notification to complainant of intended action. 1507. Amendments to Convention. (a) Proposed amendments; advice and consent of Senate; declaration of non-acceptance. (b) Amendment of Convention annexes. (c) Appointment of arbitrator.