Sec. 1601. Transfer of Administration. 1602. Transfer of functions, powers, and duties. 1603. Administrator; appointment, compensation, etc. 1604. Exercise of authorities. 1605. Transfer of personnel and funds. 1607. Use of personnel for implementation of transfer provisions. 1608. Administrative determinations and proceedings. (a) Continuation in effect of orders, determinations, etc., issued, made, granted, or effective in performance of functions transferred. (b) Continuation of pending proceedings and applications during transfer period; Maritime Subsidy Board actions pending on review; promulgation of regulations for orderly transfer of continued proceedings. (c) Actions and proceedings commenced prior to transfer of functions. (d) Abatement of actions, proceedings, etc. (e) Substitution of parties. (f) Administrative and judicial review procedures applicable. 1609. References in other Federal laws to functions or offices transferred. 1610. Severability.