Sec. 1701. Declaration of policy. 1702. Definitions. 1703. Agreements within scope of chapter. (a) Ocean common carriers. (b) Marine terminal operators. (c) Acquisitions. 1704. Agreements. (a) Filing requirements. (b) Conference agreements. (c) Ocean common carrier agreements. (d) Interconference agreements. (e) Assessment agreements. (f) Maritime labor agreements. (g) Vessel sharing agreements. 1705. Action on agreements. (a) Notice. (b) Review standard. (c) Review and effective date. (d) Additional information. (e) Request for expedited approval. (f) Term of agreements. (g) Substantially anticompetitive agreements. (h) Injunctive relief. (i) Compliance with informational needs. (j) Nondisclosure of submitted material. (k) Representation. 1706. Exemption from antitrust laws. (a) In general. (b) Exceptions. (c) Limitations. 1707. Tariffs. (a) In general. (b) Time-volume rates. (c) Service contracts. (d) Tariff rates. (e) Refunds. (f) Marine terminal operator schedules. (g) Regulations. 1708. Controlled carriers. (a) Controlled carrier rates. (b) Rate standards. (c) Effective date of rates. (d) Prohibition of rates. (e) Presidential review. (f) Exceptions. 1709. Prohibited acts. (a) In general. (b) Common carriers. (c) Concerted action. (d) Common carriers, ocean transportation intermediaries, and marine terminal operators. (e) Joint ventures. 1710. Complaints, investigations, reports, and reparations. (a) Filing of complaints. (b) Satisfaction or investigation of complaints. (c) Commission investigations. (d) Conduct of investigation. (e) Undue delays. (f) Reports. (g) Reparations. (h) Injunction. 1710a. Foreign laws and practices. (a) Definitions. (b) Authority to conduct investigations. (c) Investigations. (d) Information requests. (e) Action against foreign carriers. (f) Actions upon request of Commission. (g) Report. (h) Administration and enforcement of other laws. (i) Review of rules, regulations, and final orders of Commission; exclusive procedure. 1711. Subpenas and discovery. (a) In general. (b) Witness fees. 1712. Penalties. (a) Assessment of penalty. (b) Additional penalties. (c) Assessment procedures. (d) Review of civil penalty. (e) Failure to pay assessment. (f) Limitations. 1713. Commission orders. (a) In general. (b) Reversal or suspension of orders. (c) Enforcement of nonreparation orders. (d) Enforcement of reparation orders. (e) Statute of limitations. 1714. Reports. 1715. Exemptions. 1716. Regulations. 1718. Ocean transportation intermediaries. (a) License. (b) Financial responsibility. (c) Suspension or revocation. (d) Exception. (e) Compensation of intermediaries by carriers. 1719. Contracts, agreements, and licenses under prior shipping legislation. (a) to (c) Omitted. (d) Effects on certain agreements and contracts. (e) Savings provisions.