Sec. 1801. International measures for seaport and shipboard security. 1802. Threat of terrorism to United States ports and vessels. 1803. Security standards at foreign ports. (a) Assessment of security measures. (b) Consultation with Secretary of State. (c) Report of assessments. (d) Determination and notification to foreign country. (e) Antiterrorism assistance related to maritime security. 1804. Travel advisories concerning security at foreign ports. (a) Travel advisory. (b) Lifting of travel advisory. (c) Notification to Congress. 1805. Suspension of passenger service. (a) President’s determination. (b) Prohibition. (c) Penalty. 1806. Sanctions for seizure of vessels by terrorists. 1807. Definitions. 1808. Authorization of appropriations. 1809. Reports. (a) Consolidation. (b) Submission to committees.