Sec. 181. Liability of masters as carriers. 182. Loss by fire. 183. Amount of liability. (a) Privity or knowledge of owner; limitation. (b) Seagoing vessels; losses not covered in full. (c) Tonnage of seagoing vessels. (d) Loss of life or bodily injury arising on distinct occasions. (e) Privity imputed to owner. (f) “Seagoing vessel” defined. (g) Vicarious liability for medical malpractice at shoreside facilities; statutory limitations. 183b. Stipulations limiting time for filing claims and commencing suit. (a) Time periods. (b) Claims not barred for failure to give notice. (c) Mental incompetents; minors; wrongful death actions. 183c. Stipulations limiting liability for negligence invalid; contract limitations allowed. 184. Apportionment of compensation. 185. Petition for limitation of liability; deposit of value of interest in court; transfer of interest to trustee. 186. Charterer may be deemed owner. 187. Remedies reserved. 188. Limitation of liability of owners applied to all vessels. 189. Limitation of liability of owners of vessels for debts. 190. Stipulations relieving from liability for negligence. 191. Stipulations relieving from exercise of due diligence in equipping vessels. 192. Limitation of liability for errors of navigation, dangers of sea and acts of God. 193. Bills of lading to be issued; contents. 194. Penalties; liens; recovery. 195. Certain provisions inapplicable to transportation of live animals. 196. Certain laws unaffected.