§ 542. Insurance rights and protections

(a) Rights and protections
The rights and protections under this title [sections 541 to 549 of this Appendix] apply to the insured when—
(1) the insured,
(2) the insured’s legal representative, or
(3) the insured’s beneficiary in the case of an insured who is outside a State,
applies in writing for protection under this title, unless the Secretary of Veterans Affairs determines that the insured’s policy is not entitled to protection under this title.
(b) Notification and application
The Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall notify the Secretary concerned of the procedures to be used to apply for the protections provided under this title [sections 541 to 549 of this Appendix]. The applicant shall send the original application to the insurer and a copy to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
(c) Limitation on amount
The total amount of life insurance coverage protection provided by this title [sections 541 to 549 of this Appendix] for a servicemember may not exceed $250,000, or an amount equal to the Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance maximum limit, whichever is greater, regardless of the number of policies submitted.