§ 1293. Payment of compensation; insurance

(a) Omitted [Amendment of section 1271 of this Appendix].
(b) Omitted.
(c) In the event that a vessel the title or use and possession of which is requisitioned or taken pursuant to chapter 563 of title 46 or the Act of June 6, 1941 (Public Law 101, Seventy-seventh Congress) [sections 1271 to 1275 of this Appendix], is in the custody of any court, State or Federal, it shall be the duty of all agents and officers of the court having possession, custody, or control of said vessel, forthwith upon the filing with the clerk of said court of a certified copy of the order of requisitioning or taking, and without further order of the court, to comply with said requisitioning or taking and to permit the representatives of the United States Maritime Commission or the War Shipping Administration,[1] as the case may be, to take possession, custody, and control of said vessel.
(d) Omitted [Amendment of section 902 of the Merchant Marine Act, 1936 (now 46 U.S.C. 56301 et seq.)].
(e) to (i) Repealed. July 25, 1947, ch. 327, § 1, 61 Stat. 449.
(j) Omitted [Amendment of section 1273 of this Appendix].
(k) Omitted [Amendment of section 1274 of this Appendix].

[1] See Transfer of Functions note below.