§ 1941f. Disposition of unsold facilities; transfer to General Services Administration; lease of alcohol-butadiene facilities; advice of Attorney General; standby funds

(a) Upon the termination of the transfer period, the operating agency last designated by the President, shall, as promptly as possible consistent with sound operating procedures, take out of production and place in adequate standby condition the rubber-producing facilities which shall not have been sold. At any time after the termination of production, such facilities may be transferred without reimbursement or transfer of funds to the General Services Administration and administered in accordance with the provisions of sections 6, 7, and 8 of the National Industrial Reserve Act of 1948, as amended (62 Stat. 1227, 50 U.S.C. 456–458) [50 U.S.C. 455 to 457], or to such other agency as the President may designate for administration in such manner as he may direct. In such event
(1) no such facility shall thereafter be operated as a rubber-producing facility for the account of, or by, the Government except pursuant to further Act of Congress;
(2) no such facility, other than alcohol-butadiene facilities, shall be leased for operation as a rubber-producing facility at any time: Provided, That nothing contained in this Act [sections 1941 to 1941y of this Appendix] shall preclude the leasing of alcohol-butadiene facilities for purposes other than the manufacture of alcohol butadiene so long as such leases are in accordance with the provisions of section 8 (a) or section 9(f) of this Act [subsection (a) of this section or section 1941g (f) of this Appendix]; and
(3) no such facility shall be disposed of by sale within a period of three years from the termination of the transfer period, and in any subsequent lease or sale, the Government agency acting under authority of this section shall within a reasonable time and in no event less than sixty days prior to the lease or sale, request the advice of the Attorney General as to whether the proposed lease or sale would tend to create or maintain a situation inconsistent with the antitrust laws. The Attorney General shall give his advice within forty-five days of the receipt of such request. Upon the request of the Attorney General, the Government agency shall furnish, or cause to be furnished, such information as it may possess which the Attorney General determines to be appropriate or necessary to enable him to give the advice called for by this section.
(b) Whenever any transfer to any Government agency is made pursuant to this section, all unexpended funds budgeted as provided in section 9 (e) [section 1941g (e) of this Appendix] for standby and maintenance in such condition shall also be transferred.