§ 2094. Defense Production Act Fund

(a) Establishment of Fund
There is established in the Treasury of the United States a separate fund to be known as the “Defense Production Act Fund” (in this section referred to as the “Fund”).
(b) Moneys in Fund
There shall be credited to the Fund—
(1) all moneys appropriated for the Fund, as authorized by section 711 [section 2161 of this Appendix]; and
(2) all moneys received by the Fund on transactions entered into pursuant to section 303 [section 2093 of this Appendix].
(c) Use of Fund
The Fund shall be available to carry out the provisions and purposes of this title [sections 2091 to 2094 of this Appendix], subject to the limitations set forth in this Act [sections 2061 to 2170, 2171, and 2172 of this Appendix] and in appropriations Acts.
(d) Duration of Fund
Moneys in the Fund shall remain available until expended.
(e) Fund balance
The Fund balance at the close of each fiscal year shall not exceed $750,000,000, excluding any moneys appropriated to the Fund during that fiscal year or obligated funds. If, at the close of any fiscal year, the Fund balance exceeds $750,000,000, the amount in excess of $750,000,000 shall be paid into the general fund of the Treasury.
(f) Fund manager
The President shall designate a Fund manager. The duties of the Fund manager shall include—
(1) determining the liability of the Fund in accordance with subsection (g);
(2) ensuring the visibility and accountability of transactions engaged in through the Fund; and
(3) reporting to the Congress each year regarding activities of the Fund during the previous fiscal year.
(g) Liabilities against Fund
When any agreement entered into pursuant to this title [sections 2091 to 2094 of this Appendix] after December 31, 1991, imposes any contingent liability upon the United States, such liability shall be considered an obligation against the Fund.