§ 2170b. Reports on foreign industrial espionage

(a) In general
(1) Submission and contents
In order to assist Congress in its oversight functions with respect to this Act and to improve the awareness of United States industry of foreign industrial espionage and the ability of such industry to protect against such espionage, the President shall submit to Congress a report that describes, as of the time of the report, the following:
(A) The respective policy functions and operational roles of the agencies of the executive branch of the Federal Government in identifying and countering threats to United States industry of foreign industrial espionage, including the manner in which such functions and roles are coordinated.
(B) The means by which the Federal Government communicates information on such threats, and on methods to protect against such threats, to United States industry in general and to United States companies known to be targets of foreign industrial espionage.
(C) The specific measures that are being or could be undertaken in order to improve the activities referred to in subparagraphs (A) and (B), including proposals for any modifications of law necessary to facilitate the undertaking of such activities.
(D) The threat to United States industry of foreign industrial espionage and any trends in that threat, including—
(i) the number and identity of the foreign governments conducting foreign industrial espionage;
(ii) the industrial sectors and types of information and technology targeted by such espionage; and
(iii) the methods used to conduct such espionage.
(2) Date of submission
The President shall submit the report required under this subsection not later than six months after the date of the enactment of this Act [Oct. 14, 1994].
(b) Repealed. Pub. L. 112–87, title III, § 311(c)(1), Jan. 3, 2012, 125 Stat. 1886
(c) Form of reports
To the maximum extent practicable, the report referred to in subsection (a) shall be submitted in an unclassified form, but may be accompanied by a classified appendix.
(d) Omitted
(e) Definition
For the purposes of this section, “foreign industrial espionage” means industrial espionage conducted by a foreign government or by a foreign company with direct assistance of a foreign government against a private United States company and aimed at obtaining commercial secrets.